Ahilya Fort, India

Niel Fox | Based On A True Story

Niel Fox | Ahilya Fort

Niel Fox chooses Ahilya Fort, Maheshwar, on the Narmada River in India for his One Night Only.

"A night there in the suite that overlooks the ghats and Narmada river is like something out of a dream"

With an almost fanatical passion for experiencing life at it’s most extraordinary, Niel Fox is as much at home self-sufficient in inhospitable far-flung jungles entertaining shamens, as he is sailing luxurious super-yachts - he has sailed across all the world’s oceans. This passion extends to sharing these unique experiences with others, which is what led to the founding of ‘Based On A True Story’. Based On A True Story designs and implements one-off adventures, family expeditions, honeymoons, thrilling fantasies and events, in the world’s most breathtaking locations.