Introducing One Night Only

The premise is simple; money, distance and style are no obstacle. Where in the world would you stay for One Night Only? 

Not an easy question to answer. There are many luxurious places to stay around the world but fewer that leave a lasting impression. I was chatting to my husband one evening and he asked me that very same question. Instead of giving him an answer I decided to make it my mission to find properties worthy of the 'One Night Only' tag. I have taken this research very seriously but it's no fun on your own so I asked (and will continue to ask) those in the know, from hotel owners to luxury travel designers. Of course, one night will never be enough at any of these properties and you can follow the link of each featured hotel on this site to book as many nights as you want.  While I would like to be able to tell you about every property from personal experience, let's get real- I will clearly do my utmost to try as many as possible.  If hotels are your thing, trust me, this is a list you do not want to miss out on. You could call it the ultimate luxury hotel bucket list!